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tedandbruce's Journal

Ted Raimi and Bruce Campbell Slash
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Here is a place for slash fanfiction, pictures and discussion about the nearly obscure actors Ted Raimi and Bruce Campbell and all the characters they play.

This is a slash community. Slash means Men kissing, loving and having sex with other men. If you don't like that, please turn away now. Flaming will not be tolerated. Also note this is an adult community, I am taking on good faith that by joining you are assuring that you are old enough to view this kind of material. If any age related problems should arise, I will take required action.

Please keep in mind that this community not only accepts Real People Slash, but encourages it.

So, what's okay to post here? Any and all slash related discussion, pictures and especially fic about Ted and/or Bruce and the characters they've portrayed. If it fits, anything goes. It doesn't have to have both actors to be relevant here, and it is acceptable to post a *link* to fic in a Ted/Bruce fandom that doesn't include a Ted/Bruce character. What does that mean?

If you write (for example, since it's the most popular) Hercules or Xena fic: Cupid/Strife - Not Acceptable. Joxer/Ares - Acceptable to post a link to the relevant fic/discussion but not the actual thing. Joxer/Autolycus - Please! Postable with proper headings and disclaimers, if you want to know what that entails, feel free to ask!

So, if you've made it this far and still want to join, please do! Introduce yourself and let us know what you're all about!