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New Auto and Joxer screencaps up!

I've capped "The Key To The Kingdom" and it'll probably be the last one I do for a while. I just want a little break from capping eps.

The caps are here. ( is very slow today, btw.)

I capped the ep, mostly for research purposes. Since I'm into Auto/Jox right now, I wanted to take a closer look at both of their characters and their interaction together.

This ep was different from "The King of Assassins" where the Autolycus and Joxer interaction was concerned, which, makes a bit of sense. In KoA, they'd just met and with all the pressure and running around to stop Jett from killing Cleopatra, they didn't really have a chance to do more than form basic impressions of each other and run with that. That's not to say that those weren't mostly accurate impressions -- Autolycus had Joxer pinned as a self-deluded, not so sharp kind of guy, and Joxer figured out pretty quickly that for all Autolycus' talk, he really did have a good heart -- but they never had any real chance to know each other.

By this ep, a year (or possibly more) later, it really felt to me like sometime between KoA and KttK, they'd run into each other again and had time to talk/argue/annoy the shit out of each other and just basically learn to get along. Because that's exactly what they did. Sure, Autolycus' snark and sarcasm was out full force when it came to Joxer, but frankly, Joxer gave it right back and then some. He wasn't putting up with crap from Autolycus, and it seemed like Autolycus respected that. Yeah, they both annoyed each other -- eye rolls and verbal jabs abounded -- but they really are friends in this ep, and that came through in so many moments between them.

Meg seemed...I don't want to say superfluous, because obviously much of the focus of the ep was on her and her quest for a family, but when Joxer and Autolycus were in a scene together, they stole it, even when they spent it talking/arguing about Meg. They had very real chemistry together and whether you take that as just simple friendship, or something more, it's definitely there.

Now, in all honesty, that was probably due to the fact that Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi are good friends and have known each other most of their lives. That gave them the kind of timing they needed to just...well, bounce off of each other, verbally speaking, without a hitch. As actors, they interact wonderfully together and it's a damn shame there weren't more Autolycus and Joxer eps, because they make not just a brilliant comedy team (both taking turns alternating as the straight man), but they do serious scenes just as well.

Which, brings up something interesting. Autolycus does tend to bring the comedy to whatever ep he's in, but up until this one, he hadn't been used for nearly as much slapstick. Yes, it happened with his character, but in this ep he got the crap beat out of him, right alongside Joxer. And damn, was it funny! I suppose I found it funnier than the usual Joxer bashing because Autolycus likes to present himself as this suave, slick guy who can talk his way around anything, who can both physically and verbally get himself out of anything as well (he may prefer to be a lover instead of a fighter, but he can definitely hold his own long enough to get out of a tight spot). He's nearly flawless, in his own mind. And he got that pedestal knocked right out from under him in this ep. And it was funny to watch.

Joxer, well, it was business as usual with the slapstick for him, but there was also a lot of seriousness going on here. Joxer is fairly serious about Meg, or at least about respecting her regardless of what she's done to get by in life, or maybe because of that. He sees her as a strong woman, and say what you want about Joxer, he likes his women strong. No doormats for him. And, yeah, whenever he talks about her seriously, to defend her character or his own feelings about her, the helmet's nowhere in sight.

Autolycus reveals something interesting about himself, which, actually, reflects on his relationship with Joxer. Autolycus says, basically, that the women he takes up with are prostitutes, or just possessing very loose morals. Those aren't his exact words, but it's a direct reference he uses. It's not too much of a surprise -- "Men In Pink" revealed that much about him -- but it does make me wonder a bit about him as a guy. Is that the only type of woman he likes, or is it the only type he can get? For as classy as Autolycus likes to pass himself off as being, he's really from the very bottom class of society. An orphan with no home and nothing besides what he can steal; he's, putting it bluntly, a good looking, fancy dressed bottom feeder. Hey, I love the guy, but high-class he is not. He can fake it -- and has a couple times -- but he's not good enough/doesn't know enough about that class to pass it off for very long.

And Joxer is right down there with him. Again, I adore him, but any status he had as a warlord's son, he threw away when he didn't go into the business himself. He too is, presumably, homeless (unless he wants to go live with his mommy) and most times, broke. He's really on the same social level as Autolycus and women like Meg are likely the only sort of women who would "consort" with either of them.

Now, I don't think any of that bothers the two of them. In fact, I'd say they were perfectly happy, so it's just an interesting, to me, observation. It's also something they share in common and, I think, something that let them become friends.

Autolycus and Joxer "get" each other. That's not something I think either of them would want to admit -- no way would Autolycus ever want to say that Joxer of all people totally understands him, and vice versa for Joxer -- but it really looks like that's how it is. Joxer can predict things that Autolycus will do and say and Autolycus can do the same for him. Now, I don't think that's very tough in Joxer's case. He's an easy guy to get to know and yeah, he's predictable. But for someone to actually know Autolycus, I think that's much more difficult.

Hercules, Iolaus and Xena could probably say that they do, but they don't really respect him either. They value his talents and agree that he's the best, but respect isn't in there. Joxer does respect both him and his talents. You can see that in the way they interact. Beneath all that snark, sarcasm and annoyance, Joxer trusts Autolycus to help them and do what's right, and Joxer really likes him. Autolycus returns the regard; his insults are more rote than heartfelt and there aren't that many of them either.

It's hard to pinpoint exactly where you can see the friendship coming through, it's one of those "between the lines" sort of things, but their actions show it, too. The way they don't hesitate to touch each other or get in each other's space, and not in a way that's deliberately annoying. They don't buy each other's "fronts" either. Autolycus doesn't let Joxer get away with the "Mighty Warrior" shtick and Joxer's expressions, and sometimes words, says exactly what he thinks every time Autolycus pulls out the "I'm too sexy/talented for words," airs.

This is getting severely long-winded and I could go on and on, but I'll let the screencaps do the talking now:

Some of these will be dark, but once again, filters and contrast will most problems solve.

Joxer's very tactile, I'm noticing.

Joxer's typical reaction to Autolycus' "lines."

An argument over Meg and the touchy-feely is still going on, no objections from anyone.

Yeah, Joxer so gets him.

[Insert insightful caption here. I'm busy seeing the love.]

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