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New screencaps up!

Caps are up from the Xena second season ep, "For Him The Bell Tolls" in which Joxer is suddenly sexier than normal. Doesn't seem possible, I know, but it happens. ;)

See the caps here!

What I really like about this ep is that it makes it even clearer than other eps that Joxer, for everything he says and the way he acts, is very aware of what a fraud he really is. He doesn't like facing up to it, it's painful to know that he's not a hero, or even a sidekick, but he's aware of it anyway. It's apparent even before Aphrodite's spell. When she first talks to him and calls him "stud," Joxer's reaction is to look around to see who she's talking to. He knows he's not the type that gorgeous women fall all over themselves to get to. When Aphrodite flirts with him, he becomes even more uncomfortable, pulls away when she touches him. Something's not right and he knows it, simply because he knows who and what he really is, and that there is no way that a woman like Aphrodite would come on to him out of the blue. It makes me very sad for Joxer (and sympathetic because I can so relate), but at the same time I really found it interesting. He very obviously doesn't buy into his "delusions," at least not completely and not all the time.

Of course, by the end of the ep he has to truly confront who he is and how much of a lie his life has been, but I really think it's something that's always in the back of his mind anyway. And in the end he returns to what's comfortable for him, the delusions, because he doesn't know who he is without the front he puts up. Which is again, very, very sad.

On a lighter note, Ted Raimi really had some fun in this ep. And yeah, he can definitely be sexy. Under that spell, Joxer is a hottie. Even without the spell though, if he'd ditch the outfit and just stop pretending, he'd be an even sweeter guy than he already is. (Plus, lowering his voice like that? Yeah, baby!)

In the credits, TPTB give credit to a movie, "Court Jester" for the inspiration for this ep, but like most people, what I recognized most were all the "Princess Bride" references. It made this ep even more entertaining. I mean, if you read the phrase, "As you wish," the way it was meant in "Princess Bride," then we had a very big clue that Joxer loved Gabrielle in this ep, which came before "A Comedy of Eros."

And, yeah, it was also fun to see Gabrielle get taken down a peg or two every time Joxer upstaged her, or, in one case, kissed her senseless. I don't like Gabrielle-bashing, but I also didn't like the way she treated him so many times.

Poor guy, even throwing himself at her feet gets him nowhere. ;)

Imagine a witty caption here. I got nothin'.

Out of that outfit, and what a babe.

Not that this entire ep wasn't a parade-o-babes.

I dunno, even with the hat he's just too cute.

I also have caps up from the Hercules fifth season ep, "Fade Out."

I think I'm going to try out some new DVD screen cap programs. The one I'm using now, WinDVD, while easy to use, isn't turning out the best quality caps. FHTBT in particular had far too many grainy and blurry caps and I had to delete ones I would've rather kept because of quality issues.
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