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Screencap site up!

Thanks to Walter over at, I now have a place to store my screencaps! Erin's Screencaps is its own site, very stark looking in comparison with my other sites. I just didn't want a ton of graphics there when enough space/download time will already be taken up with the screencaps.

All of the caps I had up originally on my other site are there as well, "The Treasure of Zeus" trilogy and "Inn Trouble" from Young Hercules, "A Comedy of Eros" and "The King of Assassins" from Xena: Warrior Princess. I've also added caps from "Lyre, Lyre, Hearts On Fire" from X:WP, 5th season.

I never want to screen cap a musical again. No one -- with the exception of Lucy Lawless -- looks good in still-frame when singing and dancing. They have their mouths hanging open, tongues sticking out, faces contorted in weird expressions and their limbs are big blurs of motion. Pretty much everyone looks equally ridiculous in these caps. (Except for the afore-mentioned Lucy Lawless: does that woman ever not look good?)

Aside from the blur problem, the entire episode was filmed in some seriously piss-poor lighting. It's pretty dark, even when played on a TV instead of a PC. A couple of the caps really reflect that. This ep was also a bad time to find out that my computer really doesn't like an overabundance of red. The final group sing is dominated by red flashing light and Jace's red boa costume, which looked pretty bad on my monitor. The caps, unfortunately, reflect that and I had to discard more than a few because of it. I wanted more caps of the finale, but it just wasn't possible with that color problem.

I wanted to cap this episode mainly because the few pics out there of Jace are either very tiny or very poor quality. I wanted some good ones. During capping I (of course) ended up rewatching the entire episode (some parts, multiple times because the end group singalong remains my favorite scene). It'd been a while since I sat through the whole thing and I'd forgotten just how utterly, flamingly gay Jace is. He makes Ares, God of Love look butch. Ted Raimi did a damn fine job with that character, chewing the scenery the entire way through the ep and stealing the show right out from under Lucy. They all had a good time though, you can see that, even if they were probably run straight into the ground by the time it was over. (I'm still amazed that TR did his own singing; that man has a hell of a voice on him.)

Enjoy the caps.
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