Mythdefied (mythdefied) wrote in tedandbruce,

Jett, Joxer and Autolycus screen caps.

I've been very twincest obsessed over the past few months, so now that I have the ability to make screen caps, I went nuts with KoA.

226 screen caps: "The King of Assassins"

Jett and Joxer do have the majority of the caps (and I now have to clean the tongue marks off my computer screen), but Autolycus gets his fair share, as do a few of the other characters.

I may end up having to buy more space on my server if I do too many more caps.

I'll probably be doing some of "For Him the Bell Tolls" this weekend. Maybe "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and "Key to the Kingdom" next week.

ETA: Previews removed due to bandwidth problems.
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