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Just a pair of drabbles I wrote for my birthday. :)

Ted/Bruce "Cracked" for tedandbruce PG

The glass is cracked in the hand-tooled frame with their oldest photo inside. Ted guessed it's been like that for years, he just never really noticed it until it didn't matter anymore. A simple hairline fissure running from where Bruce's fingers lingered on Ted's shoulder to the bottom.

His hands shook as he removed it from a box of junk his brothers had brought over. It had been taken on Bruce's birthday, back when things were different between them. "What's that?" Sam laughed, sifting through some old comics.

"Nothing." Ted whispered, settling the memory back in the box. "Nothing."


Ted/Bruce "Summer" for tedandbruce PG

Ted stares from behind dark colored sunglasses while Bruce bends down to rotate some hot dogs on the hibachi. Somewhere a thousand miles away he hears his parents put on some music... but his mind is wrapped up in the way the snug denim shorts cling to the taut muscles of Bruce's ass.

Bruce half-turns and looks like he knows what Ted was staring at, but before it matters Sam's back, pressing a beer into Bruce's hand. "Gotta love summer, right?" He smiles right at Ted .

Ted raises an eyebrow blushing slightly, "Sure, Bruce... sure." He always did love summer.
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