afullmargin (afullmargin) wrote in tedandbruce,

Okay, A Challenge

We shall call it challenge #1, for it is the first challenge. :)

Can be FPS or RPS (I'm open to anything, as I'm sure a good portion of you are) any length, (I've got a drabble I'll be posting right after this... but I'm also thinking of a longer piece) I'm opening it up so any pairing is good as long as either Ted, Bruce or both is involved in character or RPS self.

Anyway, the challenge (should you chose to accept it, that is) is SUMMER! Very short, very sweet... anything summer related. Camping, barbecues, swimming pools... and if that's not enough, I've got lots of plot bunnies for this idea, so if you want one just comment and I'll send a few your way. *grin*

Please, everyone respond even if it's a hearty "Fuck you!" or just to let me know you're still around...
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