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Because I don't want this community to be purged...

Hey guys, long time no update for us, eh?

I'm not really into rps anymore but I still love Ted & Bruce so dammit this community should not be purged just because it hasn't been written in since 2006! :-P

So, here's a picture of Brisco County Jr. for your trouble:

Brisco does not approve of LJ's 'purge inactive journals and communities" bullshit.

Annnd some pics of Bruce's Sam Axe of the awesome Burn Notice!

Bruce Campbell,Burn Notice,Sam Axe,Chuck Finley
His "wtf?" look has not changed much, y/y?

Bruce Campbell,Sam Axe,Chuck Finley,Fiona Glenanne,Gabrielle Anwar
Gabrielle Anwar as Fiona Glenanne and our own Bruce Campbell as Sam Axe. Check out those dimples!

Bruce Campbell,Burn Notice,Sam Axe,Chuck Finley
Why yes, I AM still a badass, thanks for asking.

All I gotta say is...Hail to the King, baby!
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