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Because I don't want this community to be purged... [17 Jul 2010|02:18pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey guys, long time no update for us, eh?

I'm not really into rps anymore but I still love Ted & Bruce so dammit this community should not be purged just because it hasn't been written in since 2006! :-P

So, here's a picture of Brisco County Jr. for your trouble:

Brisco does not approve of LJ's 'purge inactive journals and communities" bullshit.

Annnd some pics of Bruce's Sam Axe of the awesome Burn Notice!

...which are behind a cut. :)Collapse )

All I gotta say is...Hail to the King, baby!

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Kiss my grits! [26 Nov 2006|06:28am]

Bruce Campbell and Quentin Taratino as nurses.

Ted Raimi's name is SCOOTER! How adorable?!

Who's dream is this?

Duane Whitaker's, that's who!

I have Eddie Presley on DVD for sale. It's not from 2004, but from 1992 or thereabouts. I forgot to fix that. Silly re-release dates.

Check it out, won't you?


Current mood: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting hopeful. Joel is so cute.
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"Redrawing the Lines" (HtLJ - X:WP, Autolycus/Joxer, hard R) [18 Sep 2005|01:32am]

Author's NotesCollapse )
Redrawing the Lines (6002 words)Collapse )
X-posted to mythdefied and all_joxer.
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Bruce Campbell in Boston with a new book [19 Jun 2005|11:15pm]


June 21, he is doing a reading from his new books Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way and then discuss his new film The Man With The Screaming Brain. Go to the site above for more info should you be lucky enough to live in Boston. If you are not in Boston, keep an eye out for his book. Sounds interesting.

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Fic: vamp!fic part 11 [21 Apr 2005|02:09pm]

After a four month hiatus (*wince*), I've posted part 11 of my Jett/Joxer vamp!fic here. It's a long part, at over 9300 words, and the m/m twincest vibe is a little more obvious here than in any previous part.

Enjoy. :)
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New Auto and Joxer screencaps up! [02 Apr 2005|05:25pm]

I've capped "The Key To The Kingdom" and it'll probably be the last one I do for a while. I just want a little break from capping eps.

The caps are here. (Squidge.org is very slow today, btw.)

I capped the ep, mostly for research purposes. Since I'm into Auto/Jox right now, I wanted to take a closer look at both of their characters and their interaction together.

This ep was different from "The King of Assassins" where the Autolycus and Joxer interaction was concerned, which, makes a bit of sense. In KoA, they'd just met and with all the pressure and running around to stop Jett from killing Cleopatra, they didn't really have a chance to do more than form basic impressions of each other and run with that. That's not to say that those weren't mostly accurate impressions -- Autolycus had Joxer pinned as a self-deluded, not so sharp kind of guy, and Joxer figured out pretty quickly that for all Autolycus' talk, he really did have a good heart -- but they never had any real chance to know each other.

By this ep, a year (or possibly more) later, it really felt to me like sometime between KoA and KttK, they'd run into each other again and had time to talk/argue/annoy the shit out of each other and just basically learn to get along. Because that's exactly what they did. Sure, Autolycus' snark and sarcasm was out full force when it came to Joxer, but frankly, Joxer gave it right back and then some. He wasn't putting up with crap from Autolycus, and it seemed like Autolycus respected that. Yeah, they both annoyed each other -- eye rolls and verbal jabs abounded -- but they really are friends in this ep, and that came through in so many moments between them.

Meg seemed...I don't want to say superfluous, because obviously much of the focus of the ep was on her and her quest for a family, but when Joxer and Autolycus were in a scene together, they stole it, even when they spent it talking/arguing about Meg. They had very real chemistry together and whether you take that as just simple friendship, or something more, it's definitely there.

Now, in all honesty, that was probably due to the fact that Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi are good friends and have known each other most of their lives. That gave them the kind of timing they needed to just...well, bounce off of each other, verbally speaking, without a hitch. As actors, they interact wonderfully together and it's a damn shame there weren't more Autolycus and Joxer eps, because they make not just a brilliant comedy team (both taking turns alternating as the straight man), but they do serious scenes just as well.

Which, brings up something interesting. Autolycus does tend to bring the comedy to whatever ep he's in, but up until this one, he hadn't been used for nearly as much slapstick. Yes, it happened with his character, but in this ep he got the crap beat out of him, right alongside Joxer. And damn, was it funny! I suppose I found it funnier than the usual Joxer bashing because Autolycus likes to present himself as this suave, slick guy who can talk his way around anything, who can both physically and verbally get himself out of anything as well (he may prefer to be a lover instead of a fighter, but he can definitely hold his own long enough to get out of a tight spot). He's nearly flawless, in his own mind. And he got that pedestal knocked right out from under him in this ep. And it was funny to watch.

Joxer, well, it was business as usual with the slapstick for him, but there was also a lot of seriousness going on here. Joxer is fairly serious about Meg, or at least about respecting her regardless of what she's done to get by in life, or maybe because of that. He sees her as a strong woman, and say what you want about Joxer, he likes his women strong. No doormats for him. And, yeah, whenever he talks about her seriously, to defend her character or his own feelings about her, the helmet's nowhere in sight.

Autolycus reveals something interesting about himself, which, actually, reflects on his relationship with Joxer. Autolycus says, basically, that the women he takes up with are prostitutes, or just possessing very loose morals. Those aren't his exact words, but it's a direct reference he uses. It's not too much of a surprise -- "Men In Pink" revealed that much about him -- but it does make me wonder a bit about him as a guy. Is that the only type of woman he likes, or is it the only type he can get? For as classy as Autolycus likes to pass himself off as being, he's really from the very bottom class of society. An orphan with no home and nothing besides what he can steal; he's, putting it bluntly, a good looking, fancy dressed bottom feeder. Hey, I love the guy, but high-class he is not. He can fake it -- and has a couple times -- but he's not good enough/doesn't know enough about that class to pass it off for very long.

And Joxer is right down there with him. Again, I adore him, but any status he had as a warlord's son, he threw away when he didn't go into the business himself. He too is, presumably, homeless (unless he wants to go live with his mommy) and most times, broke. He's really on the same social level as Autolycus and women like Meg are likely the only sort of women who would "consort" with either of them.

Now, I don't think any of that bothers the two of them. In fact, I'd say they were perfectly happy, so it's just an interesting, to me, observation. It's also something they share in common and, I think, something that let them become friends.

Autolycus and Joxer "get" each other. That's not something I think either of them would want to admit -- no way would Autolycus ever want to say that Joxer of all people totally understands him, and vice versa for Joxer -- but it really looks like that's how it is. Joxer can predict things that Autolycus will do and say and Autolycus can do the same for him. Now, I don't think that's very tough in Joxer's case. He's an easy guy to get to know and yeah, he's predictable. But for someone to actually know Autolycus, I think that's much more difficult.

Hercules, Iolaus and Xena could probably say that they do, but they don't really respect him either. They value his talents and agree that he's the best, but respect isn't in there. Joxer does respect both him and his talents. You can see that in the way they interact. Beneath all that snark, sarcasm and annoyance, Joxer trusts Autolycus to help them and do what's right, and Joxer really likes him. Autolycus returns the regard; his insults are more rote than heartfelt and there aren't that many of them either.

It's hard to pinpoint exactly where you can see the friendship coming through, it's one of those "between the lines" sort of things, but their actions show it, too. The way they don't hesitate to touch each other or get in each other's space, and not in a way that's deliberately annoying. They don't buy each other's "fronts" either. Autolycus doesn't let Joxer get away with the "Mighty Warrior" shtick and Joxer's expressions, and sometimes words, says exactly what he thinks every time Autolycus pulls out the "I'm too sexy/talented for words," airs.

This is getting severely long-winded and I could go on and on, but I'll let the screencaps do the talking now:Collapse )

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Fic: Opposites (XWP: Autolycus/Joxer, NC-17) [29 Mar 2005|03:27pm]

You know, I think this is the first Auto/Jox I've written since my first year in fandom, waaaay back in '98. And, titles? Not my strong suit. (X-posted to mythdefied.)

Author's notes and disclaimers.Collapse )
OppositesCollapse )
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More Joxer screencaps up! [27 Mar 2005|12:46pm]

I've screen capped the Xena season 3 eps, "The Quill Is Mighter..." and, despite how much I just adore capping musicals (feel the sarcasm), "The Bitter Suite."

See the pretty caps.

TQIM is both a comedy and a difficult episode to watch if you're a Joxer fan. Joxer's character is there to provide comic relief most of the time, sure, but the amount of crap that got thrown his way in this ep was over the top, IMHO. Especially since Gabrielle was in the wrong most of the time, if not all. It was Joxer who kept pointing out that maybe she shouldn't use a scroll that had those kinds of powers, he was very skeptical of her ability to make those powers work for her, and he was right. But she didn't want to hear that.

Of course, the worst scene was when Joxer traded his scabbard -- the one object he owned that he valued above all others, because it came from his father -- for a necklace for Gabrielle. It's really a very touching scene, but Gabrielle can only see the fact that he accidentally traded the scroll as well -- note that she obviously never asked Joxer's permission to hide the scroll in his scabbard -- and attacks Joxer for it. As much as I don't like character bashing, there just isn't that much to bash here; Gabrielle was an insensitive bitch. It hurt to watch that scene, for Joxer's sake.

That's not to say that Joxer was mister perfect martyr through the ep, he used the scroll himself in a remarkable display of idiocy, to write a "poem." In his defense, all he wanted to do was express his love for Gabrielle through poetry, he just happens to be a terrible poet. On the other hand, how stupid did he have to be to use that scroll? Unfortunately, that action does fit in with his character. He does some incredibly thoughtlessly stupid things, sometimes. I don't blame Gabrielle for being angry with him over that, not in the slightest. But that's one incident out of many in which she was utterly wrong and Joxer really didn't deserve her treatment of him, or Xena's careless abuse, for that matter, during the end when he kept getting hit by the fish.

Aside from Joxer, this episode did have plenty of truly fun things to watch, namely Aphrodite and Ares. Both of whom provide great comedy on their own. Both powerless and mortal, it's Ares who just seems to take it all in stride, kicking back and waiting for things to resolve themselves while he has a good laugh along the way. Aphrodite...well, if someone would've taught her about baths, she probably would've been okay. But she really doesn't handle dirt well, a great source of amusement for the rest of us. Even dirty, though, she's still easy on the eyes. And when is Ares not a hottie?

For those who wanted caps of Joxer's scabbard, sorry, but #202 and 203 were the best available. I think that if you play with filters and contrasts, you can probably get more detail on it.

I ended up with far more caps than I wanted to, even with cutting out around 60. I did far better in "Bitter Suit" after deciding that I'd ignore Xena and Gabrielle and only cap the characters I really wanted. But in Joxer and Ares-heavy eps, that just doesn't work. I still end up with a ton of caps.

I have one other observation on Joxer, but I'm going to save that for after the commentary on "Bitter Suite." For now, previews:Collapse )

TBS, the first musical ep, was easier to cap than LLHOF. Yeah, the blur effect was still there, but people just weren't moving as fast in this ep as in the second musical. There was a very languid feel to much of the ep that was reflected in the characters' movements.

I was only interested in Ares, Joxer and Callisto in this ep (and the brief appearance by Caesar), so those are the caps I made. There are only around 120 as a result, which I like much better than the 200+ I've been doing.

Joxer starts out in this ep by being a hero, or as much of one as he can be when going up against Xena. He's so very worried about Gabrielle from the beginning; he's the one who carries her out of the hut/sweat house/whatever that was. And when Xena loses it, Joxer does his best to save Gabrielle. He really tries to protect her and gets taken down because of it. And we never have an aftermath to that. Xena and Gabrielle get their resolution and that's what the ep's about, sure, but what happened to Joxer? Xena probably only knocked him out, but she most definitely owes him an apology and we never see that.

The rest of the ep is set in the land of Illusia and while Joxer, Ares and Callisto are there, they aren't real and it can be argued that much of it is the product of both Xena and Gabrielle's minds. Which, actually, if that's true, brings up the question of why Gabrielle would be naked around Joxer, but in all honesty, I don't think that part was from her mind. It is interesting that Joxer would be her guide though. Callisto as Xena's guide makes sense, having to rely on someone she hates. But maybe Joxer was there to lull Gabrielle into accepting that it was her "village" she was coming back to? Into accepting everything that followed that? I don't know, but it was an interesting expression on "Joxer's" face when he led Gabrielle into the village. Like he was a little amused by her joy in being back home, and was anticipating seeing the other shoe drop. It wasn't very Joxer-like and was actually a little creepy, if you watch those tiny moments a few times.

As an aside, though, we got to hear Ted Raimi sing again, and once again he proved that he has an absolutely wonderful voice, when he wants to. You can see when he deliberately puts that "Joxer" whine into his voice, a deliberate transition. Back in "For Him The Bell Tolls," he showed that he can speak without that whine and sound damn sexy doing it, too. Just another interesting observation.

Ares.... Yeah, okay, um...after I wiped away the drool and quit melting into a little pile of goo from Kevin's voice, I rewatched that section a couple times and, well, it's about what you'd expect, actually. Ares is there as a reminder to Xena of what she was, and a temptaion of what she could be. It's an appeal to all the hurt and anger she's carrying inside and for just a few moments it works. She "kills" Gabrielle.

Joxer as a symbol of death is interesting. It's a big transition from The Fool tarot card which he represented the first time we saw him in Illusia, to Death. I'm not quite sure what he represents in the big picture here, but it's weird and very not Joxer. On the other hand, Ares and Callisto are still very much themselves, Ares more so than Callisto. Ares is seductive, smug and triumphant, and honestly? He's got the best lines in the ep, "What more need be said? Ding dong, the bitch is dead."

The last time we see Ares and Callisto, it's along with Caesar and some other guy I don't recognize and they're all representations of hate. Big shock there.

The ep was...eh, okay, I guess. I mean, I loved seeing Joxer and Ares and Callisto -- now that I've come to appreciate her and not hate her for killing Strife, but the Illusia thing itself was so twisted and weird that I could never come to totally like it. And it just seemed so...contrived. Let's all sing a song and have our deepest wounds healed. Uh...yeah.

Previews:Collapse )

One last observation on Joxer here. I saw this in a commentary on Whoosh! and after watching many Joxer eps, it's true. Any time Joxer is wearing his normal outfit (and I say that because it doesn't apply to KoA, Illusia in "Bitter Suite" and TQIM... when he was dressed in other things) and he takes his helmet off, something very serious is either happening or about to happen. In "The Quill Is Mightier..." his helmet is off when Gabrielle wakes to find the necklace he got her, and it's a touching/serious scene. In "Bitter Suite" he starts out without his helmet and he's Gabrielle's champion. In "A Comedy of Eros," at the end when he realizes that Gabrielle thinks his love is a joke, the helmet's gone. In the fifth season opener, he finds out that Gabrielle and Xena have been crucified and goes to get their bodies, helmet comes off. It's a repetitive pattern that I've yet to see an exception to, although I'll keep watching. Interesting though, and I've tried to incorporate that into my fic, too.

Enjoy the caps. :)
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New screencaps up! [22 Mar 2005|04:02pm]

Caps are up from the Xena second season ep, "For Him The Bell Tolls" in which Joxer is suddenly sexier than normal. Doesn't seem possible, I know, but it happens. ;)

See the caps here!

What I really like about this ep is that it makes it even clearer than other eps that Joxer, for everything he says and the way he acts, is very aware of what a fraud he really is. He doesn't like facing up to it, it's painful to know that he's not a hero, or even a sidekick, but he's aware of it anyway. It's apparent even before Aphrodite's spell. When she first talks to him and calls him "stud," Joxer's reaction is to look around to see who she's talking to. He knows he's not the type that gorgeous women fall all over themselves to get to. When Aphrodite flirts with him, he becomes even more uncomfortable, pulls away when she touches him. Something's not right and he knows it, simply because he knows who and what he really is, and that there is no way that a woman like Aphrodite would come on to him out of the blue. It makes me very sad for Joxer (and sympathetic because I can so relate), but at the same time I really found it interesting. He very obviously doesn't buy into his "delusions," at least not completely and not all the time.

Of course, by the end of the ep he has to truly confront who he is and how much of a lie his life has been, but I really think it's something that's always in the back of his mind anyway. And in the end he returns to what's comfortable for him, the delusions, because he doesn't know who he is without the front he puts up. Which is again, very, very sad.

On a lighter note, Ted Raimi really had some fun in this ep. And yeah, he can definitely be sexy. Under that spell, Joxer is a hottie. Even without the spell though, if he'd ditch the outfit and just stop pretending, he'd be an even sweeter guy than he already is. (Plus, lowering his voice like that? Yeah, baby!)

In the credits, TPTB give credit to a movie, "Court Jester" for the inspiration for this ep, but like most people, what I recognized most were all the "Princess Bride" references. It made this ep even more entertaining. I mean, if you read the phrase, "As you wish," the way it was meant in "Princess Bride," then we had a very big clue that Joxer loved Gabrielle in this ep, which came before "A Comedy of Eros."

And, yeah, it was also fun to see Gabrielle get taken down a peg or two every time Joxer upstaged her, or, in one case, kissed her senseless. I don't like Gabrielle-bashing, but I also didn't like the way she treated him so many times.

Previews:Collapse )

I also have caps up from the Hercules fifth season ep, "Fade Out."

I think I'm going to try out some new DVD screen cap programs. The one I'm using now, WinDVD, while easy to use, isn't turning out the best quality caps. FHTBT in particular had far too many grainy and blurry caps and I had to delete ones I would've rather kept because of quality issues.
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Screencap site up! [15 Mar 2005|10:02pm]

Thanks to Walter over at Squidge.org, I now have a place to store my screencaps! Erin's Screencaps is its own site, very stark looking in comparison with my other sites. I just didn't want a ton of graphics there when enough space/download time will already be taken up with the screencaps.

All of the caps I had up originally on my other site are there as well, "The Treasure of Zeus" trilogy and "Inn Trouble" from Young Hercules, "A Comedy of Eros" and "The King of Assassins" from Xena: Warrior Princess. I've also added caps from "Lyre, Lyre, Hearts On Fire" from X:WP, 5th season.

I never want to screen cap a musical again. No one -- with the exception of Lucy Lawless -- looks good in still-frame when singing and dancing. They have their mouths hanging open, tongues sticking out, faces contorted in weird expressions and their limbs are big blurs of motion. Pretty much everyone looks equally ridiculous in these caps. (Except for the afore-mentioned Lucy Lawless: does that woman ever not look good?)

Aside from the blur problem, the entire episode was filmed in some seriously piss-poor lighting. It's pretty dark, even when played on a TV instead of a PC. A couple of the caps really reflect that. This ep was also a bad time to find out that my computer really doesn't like an overabundance of red. The final group sing is dominated by red flashing light and Jace's red boa costume, which looked pretty bad on my monitor. The caps, unfortunately, reflect that and I had to discard more than a few because of it. I wanted more caps of the finale, but it just wasn't possible with that color problem.

I wanted to cap this episode mainly because the few pics out there of Jace are either very tiny or very poor quality. I wanted some good ones. During capping I (of course) ended up rewatching the entire episode (some parts, multiple times because the end group singalong remains my favorite scene). It'd been a while since I sat through the whole thing and I'd forgotten just how utterly, flamingly gay Jace is. He makes Ares, God of Love look butch. Ted Raimi did a damn fine job with that character, chewing the scenery the entire way through the ep and stealing the show right out from under Lucy. They all had a good time though, you can see that, even if they were probably run straight into the ground by the time it was over. (I'm still amazed that TR did his own singing; that man has a hell of a voice on him.)

Enjoy the caps.
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Jett, Joxer and Autolycus screen caps. [25 Feb 2005|12:17am]

I've been very twincest obsessed over the past few months, so now that I have the ability to make screen caps, I went nuts with KoA.

226 screen caps: "The King of Assassins"

Jett and Joxer do have the majority of the caps (and I now have to clean the tongue marks off my computer screen), but Autolycus gets his fair share, as do a few of the other characters.

I may end up having to buy more space on my server if I do too many more caps.

I'll probably be doing some of "For Him the Bell Tolls" this weekend. Maybe "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and "Key to the Kingdom" next week.

ETA: Previews removed due to bandwidth problems.
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Fic: Shifting Ground (X:WP, Jett/Joxer, R to NC-17) [21 Feb 2005|02:14pm]

New short fic up, 11426 words, with the X:WP TR characters Jett and Joxer. Twincest alert here.

Shifting Ground
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Xena Info [10 Feb 2005|05:24pm]

The season 6 DVDs are coming out really soon. I'm talking REALLY SOON! In only 33 days, they will be released on the shelves. That's MARCH 15!!! I'm really looking forward to this, because I've been waiting a long time.

The Xena Anthology, up until this point has been a little bit pricey. That $550!!! But I have some good news for those people who were waiting until the price went down to buy. This website has the WHOLE ANTHOLOGY FOR ONLY $199.99!!!! That's nearly $33 a set!!! Don't miss out on this deal!!! FREE SHIPPING AS WELL!!! Check it out!

There is this really cool site that allows you to keep up with the latest XENA NEWS. There are contests and coupons, and lots of really cool stuff. It's Free and Easy. Check it out.

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Fic: Lazy Mornings (X:WP: J/J, NC-17, PWP, twincest) [01 Feb 2005|12:15am]

It's slash (duh), twincest, to be precise. Jett/Joxer.

Lazy Mornings
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*waves* [16 Jan 2005|02:52am]

Just a pair of drabbles I wrote for my birthday. :)

My DrabblesCollapse )
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Okay, A Challenge [06 Jul 2004|01:33am]

We shall call it challenge #1, for it is the first challenge. :)

Can be FPS or RPS (I'm open to anything, as I'm sure a good portion of you are) any length, (I've got a drabble I'll be posting right after this... but I'm also thinking of a longer piece) I'm opening it up so any pairing is good as long as either Ted, Bruce or both is involved in character or RPS self.

Anyway, the challenge (should you chose to accept it, that is) is SUMMER! Very short, very sweet... anything summer related. Camping, barbecues, swimming pools... and if that's not enough, I've got lots of plot bunnies for this idea, so if you want one just comment and I'll send a few your way. *grin*

Please, everyone respond even if it's a hearty "Fuck you!" or just to let me know you're still around...
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Any interest?? [05 Jul 2004|07:38pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hey... in an effort get something going on here, anyone wanna have an open drabble drive type thing? Just some chance to see how many Ted and Bruce (and don't forget characters!!) drabbles we can get together?

*shrugs* Just a thought. :)

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[04 Jul 2004|05:20pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I heard the new Xena DVD has extras with Ted and Bruce interviewing each other and being generally weird. from the descriptions, it sounds hilarious. has anyone seen it, or know where I can find screencaps?

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RPS FIC: Small Kill [04 Jul 2004|02:42am]

Title: Small Kill
Author: Amber
E-mail: sacredlustsandfear@yahoo.com
Web page: http://www.slashfanfiction.com/viewuser.php?uid=910
Pairing: Ted Raimi/Bruce Campbell
Archive: Sure, let me know where it goes though.
Rating: R
Summary: The first time, perhaps the last time.
Feedback: Is much appreciated.
Warnings: RPS, Ted is underage (17) in the first portion.
Notes: For the postcoital contest for fic that takes place after sex. This has no continuity with my other Ted and Bruce stuff (which can be found at tedandbruce.

Small KillCollapse )
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waves [28 Jun 2004|06:56pm]

[ mood | groovy ]

Hi, I've just joined. Haven't yet read all the postings, but as I adore Bruce I figured I'd join up. I'm Jenni, aged 32. Have never met Ted, but have met Bruce three times. Attempting to collect the complete works of Bruce.

I've not read any Autolycus/Joxer but I did read Autolycus/Ares before I found out Kevin Smith had died (then it depressed me so I couldn't bear to read that pairing anymore). I've written some fic in the Red Dwarf and ST:DS9 fandoms, but nothing recent.

oh and if anyone's interested I've got some Evil Dead collectibles and an Autolycus action figure for sale deadline is Friday midnight (see my journal).

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